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About 9 years ago, I borrowed my father-in-law’s Canon AE-1 for a shoot at a private school – posed cheerleading and basketball team pictures.  My own camera at the time was not going to cut it so my FIL graciously agreed to let me use his SLR.  As much as i wanted to keep that camera permanently, I returned it to him. img_9278
Recently, he had the bag/camera pulled out while we were visiting and indicated the need to see if it was working and replace the batteries – that he might start using it again.  We got it working and after packing it back up, he slid the bag (storing two lens and other accessories!) over to me and said Merry Christmas.   I was honored and teared up.  That’s my FIL’s way…not to make a big fanfare out of situations.  Since 1981 this camera has traveled to Australia, England, France, and Italy among other places.  It’s a passed down gift I will hold tightly and add to its travel log.


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  1. That’s a wonderful gift Dana! Such a treasure to receive from your FIL!

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