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Today’s technology allows the average person to scan old photographs, print or save to CDs for safe keeping.  Before pictures are lost or distributed to various family members, reach out to your grandparents and other relatives for old photographs.  While visiting family in NJ several years ago, I asked to go through a box of my great aunt’s pictures.  Because we were in a small town, the closest store that provided a scanner was a Wal-Mart.  I scanned pictures from the early 1900’s of my grandfather as a child and great-grandparents in their twenties.  Some of the copies are not the best quality but now I have a copy also.  It’s time consuming to sort and scan pictures but someday you will look back and wish you had an photo of your great, great Aunt who you may have been named after.


Posted March 1, 2010 by D in Family

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