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Trip to NYC   Leave a comment

My husband and I recently took a trip to NYC to attend a Photo Expo and tour the town.  We hopped a bus and toured many parts of the city.  The subway and ferry were great adventures.  I may have took more pictures of the food we devoured than landmarks.


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For Mother’s Day   Leave a comment

My sister and I decided on something different this year to celebrate Mother’s Day.  We climbed Stone Mountain and enjoyed the beautiful weather and surroundings God created.

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Family Reunions   Leave a comment

If you’re lucky, your family reunion happens in South Georgia where BBQ is smoked the right way, blueberry cakes are eaten and a banjo is played.

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Borrow   2 comments

I have no idea how to drive a motorcycle but this bike made me want to snatch it and ride off. 

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That is funny!   Leave a comment

Recently, our in-laws took all of us to Disney.  Our youngest (4 years old) seemed to be in awe of the characters walking around.  I’ll post his in awe expression of Alice in Wonderland later.  With the parade, it was a different expression.  He thought it was pretty funny to see adults dancing and walking on stilts in a parade.  Not to mention Mickey Mouse waving to him from a float.

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Jamaica…again   1 comment

This lovely girl has something in common with me!  We both share the name Dana.  I LOVE spending time with the children at the school.  Along my journey, I saw what a banana tree looks like before they turn upwards and drop the bloom.  We also visited a church where a dancer from the US had taught a dance camp that week and I got to see the recital.  The boys eating lunch were tired from running – ever had Curry Chicken and Rice? 

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Mission Trip to Jamaica   2 comments

We had a wonderful time with A.C.E over the Thanksgiving holidays!  This organization does much service with the help of volunteers and donations to serve people in Jamaica.  It was an experience that we were blessed to share as a family.  We helped at a school the organization partners with to provide uniforms, tutoring and improvements.  Our group also visited a infirmary to provide soup and we took a boat ride with some wonderful guides!

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