Watermelon   1 comment

I could have posted the “smiling” shot while he held the slice in his hands instead of devouring the watermelon but I figured this one showcased his personality better…


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For Mother’s Day   Leave a comment

My sister and I decided on something different this year to celebrate Mother’s Day.  We climbed Stone Mountain and enjoyed the beautiful weather and surroundings God created.

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Family Reunions   Leave a comment

If you’re lucky, your family reunion happens in South Georgia where BBQ is smoked the right way, blueberry cakes are eaten and a banjo is played.

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Borrow   2 comments

I have no idea how to drive a motorcycle but this bike made me want to snatch it and ride off. 

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Spring has arrived!   Leave a comment

The specks on the photograph are actually a spray of the bubble mixture. 

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Little sis   Leave a comment

My little sister is not so little and I love that she LOVES taking time out from her day off to spend with her niece at a school fundraiser (www.chestnutmountainchristianacademy.org)

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30+ years   Leave a comment

We recently visited my grandmother in SC and stopped by a park I use to play at as a child.  I’ve attached my 5 minutes of fame in 1976.  Our class took a field trip to the park to see Winnie the Pooh and I thought I just had to touch him one more time before he walked away.  I sat my daughter and cousin down on the same wall and explained the story.  Once I got home and found the newspaper article, I noticed how much more stylish the girls haircuts were compared to the “bowl” haircuts of the 70’s!! ha!

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